EXPLODE Your ClickBank Account Promoting Affiliate Marketing Mastery!

Our original private in-house launch did  $350,000 in the first week!

STEP 1: Apply To Become An Affiliate Now!

We will review every application and whitelist those affiliates that are the right fit. 

What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is step-by-step training course that teaches people how to build an online brand that makes money with affiliate marketing - that includes training tutorials on finding a niche, blogging, YouTube marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing and how to monetize it all with affiliate marketing.

There are over 70+ step-by-step tutorial videos and trainings, with downloadable PDF's, Facebook group community, and over 20+ hours of content. We also have unmentioned bonuses for our customers, including a 90-day Email Coaching Program and Weekly Webinar Trainings (shhh it's a SURPRISE!). 

Why Should YOU Want To Promote Affiliate Marketing Mastery?


Our pre-launch will warmup your visitors and skyrocket your sales and conversions. During the launch we will be doing webinars and live streams, which will definitely bump your conversion rates as well.

To further maximize your conversions, your visitors and leads will be able to talk to us live on chat. They will be able to get their questions and concerns answered, thereby converting your leads into buyers.

This funnel is proven and tested. In our original in-house launch, we did over $350,000 in total sales in Clickbank during that one week period. $220,260.24 was collected up front, and the rest was collected over the next 3 months. All this with NO affiliates!

Here's a look at our Clickbank account during the launch:

Below you can see we get low refund rates:


We will be offering to different payment options: one payment of $1,197 or three payments of $497, which you get $553.11 or $689.09 respectively (50% after Clickbank fees). We are going to be working our butts off during the pre-launch phase and launch week to maximize conversions. We got this dialed in for maximum conversion for you.


Your subscribers will love you and thank you for recommending Affiliate Marketing Mastery. In our original launch, people absolutely loved the pre-launch videos, which resulted in hundreds and hundreds of raving comments. 

Below is a small sample of raving comments we got on video #1 of the  original in-house launch of Affiliate Marketing Mastery: 

Here's what current students of Affiliate Marketing Mastery are saying:

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